November 22, 2023

Special Edition: Remembering JFK

 Where were you 60 years ago today? If you are as old as I am, it was a day you never forgot. On that day our 35th president was shot to death. The nation and even the world changed that  day. Kennedy had been in office for a thousand days and people were feeling good about themselves. Sure the country faced its problems but with Thanksgiving approaching the country was in a mode of celebration. The majority were behind our young President. It all changed on November 22,1963. As a 12 year old and just getting through the Cuban missile crisis I thought here we go again. For me, and I would love to hear your reaction, since 1963 love, peace and yes trust in government has declined. I believe our press now  preys on the bad of people. Just think, we all knew that JFK was a womanizer but the press never reported it. It was a unwritten rule: a person's  private life was just that: PRIVATE. Today it is just the opposite. I must believe that our country needs to put the judging of people back in God's hands and start concentrating on what we can agree on to build a stronger nation.