September 6, 2023


I wrote this piece originally in 2013 I find it funny how part of it applies so well today. Here it is!

Today (this is 2013) I suggest 7 changes that need to be done in Washington DC to make it better 

 in my opinion.

        1) A single 7 yr term for President

        2) 18 year term limit for both Senate and Representative

        3) 3 year term instead of 2 yr for Representatives

        4) Decrease H of R from 435 to 218

        5) Yearly Medical exams for all over 70

        6) Line item veto power for President

        7) A 90 day campaign period with only 4 regional primaries, have a couple debates

                 (a)   and a very low advertising amount allowed to be spent on media.

            (maybe disallow negative ads)

      Seven ideas to think about to improve our country's function 

      Back to today. Did you see #5. Also my feeling is too much time is spent in getting re elected especially as President. One term helps in that area.

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