August 16, 2023


In this world of maniac leaders in control of nuclear weapons, I thought we should take a look at the one time a president had to make that big decision on using them. 

Just after being V.P. for only 81 days, Truman ascends to the most powerful position in the world. Eleanor Roosevelt summed it well when Truman asked her what he could do for her. She replied " No Mr. President, the question is what we can do for you " He had so much to decide. I believe,  as a small stature of a man from  Missouri he handled it all very well. 

The President fired General MacArthur against strong opposition, he recognized the new state of Israel, and he ran a courageous election against Dewey in 1948.

However the most compelling issue involved the use of the atomic bomb. This would mark his legacy forever. As we all know he did use it, not only once but twice. Historians have generally agreed with him.

Two questions: First How tough a decision would it be for you? and

Second: How much thought would some of our maniac world leaders would take before using one.