August 2, 2023


     Was Nixon a Mastermind of Foreign policy or victim of a Domestic Burglary? Both! I always thought Nixon would have been one of our 12 top Presidents. Except one problem, his arrogance. Let's look at this a little closer. In 1969 when Nixon took the oath of office he had 22 years experience in public service. He quickly aligned himself with a foreign born professor Henry Kissinger. Together they achieved massive changes in the U.S. policy toward the world. Let's review

1) Opened relations with China\

2) S.A.L.T talks with Russia

3) Ended Vietnam War 

4) He improved U.S policy in the Middle East

5) Promoted Latin American trade

Five gigantic changes.

However one little burglary in DC changed his legacy forever. He couldn't admit that he was wrong.

My feeling is if he had confessed early in the process, he would have been forgiven by Americans. Historians would put him in the top third of Presidential ranking not the bottom third.

Once again don't shoot the messenger Just my thought and I hope it will get some of you thinking!

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