July 20, 2023

Rules and Background

 Today I felt a couple of things should be discussed before we launch this project. First:

 Rules for Participation There is none! Whether you want to research questions or just guess, it is totally up to you. Blogs will be my personal opinions. Don't shoot the messenger. It is my way to get people thinking. Second:

Why listen to me ? Good question. I've had a passion for American History and Presidents since 1960 when I was in the hospital watching TV. To my surprise the Democratic National Convention was on the tube, I became hooked. Presidents have been my passion ever since. My life has included taking 8 college level courses in History(no it was not a major though I wish it was) I've worked on two political campaigns (Senate level) I've done in depth reading on Presidents, published a book, and done numerous lectures. I specialize in FDR JFK NIXON, and LINCOLN plus 9 others have received my attention. In 2015, I started a one man show where I actually become A. Lincoln discussing his life and times in a 25 minute  presentation always done from a neutral point of view.

So there it is LET'S GET GOING and BRING FUN BACK TO HISTORY My first post is on 7/25.

                                      MARK YOUR CALENDAR